26 05 2010

I was laying in bed last night praying and thinking. Do you ever do that?? You start to pray and then your mind wonders to all the things that you need to accomplish. I was thinking about all the packing that I have left to do and all the cleaning that I loth. An image of cobwebs came to my mind. We all have had a cobweb or two in our homes at one point or another right? Well in our lives we also have cobwebs. I was praying about him searching me and cleaning out the closets of my life. I got this illustration. Our closets or hidden areas are like cobwebs. We don’t want anyone to see them and we would be embarrassed if they were exposed. Often times we don’t see them until we look UP. When we start asking for God to clean out our closets we realize that there are somethings in our lives that we have neglected. A spider makes the cobweb and some of those spiders can be poisonous. This is an image of sin in our lives. Much like spiders sin likes to stay hidden and when it gets exposed it often attacks. It can be a poisonous bite that causes all things around us to become inflamed. Just like the cobweb sin entangles our lives and snuffs out life. When we begin to ask God to clean out these cobwebs the sin is exposed and and no longer can keep us entangled. Sometimes cobwebs are in a place that seems out of reach. It takes extra effort to clean these areas such as a ladder. In our lives sometimes we can get so entangled with sin that it seems that we can’t seem to reach the place that we can get out. There is always a way to tear down the cobweb and reclaim your freedom in Christ. Pray this week for a clean sweep in the closets of your life. It is amazing to walk in true freedom and not held back by some dim lit closet with cobwebs in the corner afraid of being exposed. Cleaning is never an easy job but when it is done you always seem to be able to relax so much better.


When we were young

22 02 2010

I was driving to the store this afternoon and started thinking about Oprah Winfery. I know very random right. Well I was thinking about her new campaign, No cell phones in cars, and thought that she probably has a driver right??? Then I started thinking about how influential she is. She had a really rough upbringing and look at her today. You may love her. You may hate her. You may have no opinion of her at all. One thing is for sure you can’t deny the amount of influence she possesses over our nation. She has truly pushed herself beyond what normal is and she has become extraordinary. And again for some she is great for others she is off her rocker. All I am saying is she had dreams and she pursued her dreams and made them a reality.

For all of us that have dreams. They may not be dreams of stardom but merely a happy home, children, a wonderful soul mate, an amazing ministry, an incredible job……. Whatever your dreams are please don’t give up on that child inside that wants to see those dreams become a reality for you. Remember if you can achieve your dream on your own then there is no need for faith or hope or help. For all of us that have a dream much bigger then what we feel we can achieve on our own. God send us your help, your hope and increase our faith.

expiration date

16 02 2010

I was watching a show with Steve this weekend and I saw a commercial for one of the cancer centers that really got me thinking. This lady had been diagnosed with cancer and she was told by her Dr. that she had 2 months to live. Like any of us would be she was devastated. She then went to one of the leading cancer treatment centers where they began by running a wide variety of tests. She looked at the Dr. there and said so how long do I have. He said something like, after all the tests I have ran I did not see anywhere on you that there was an expiration date! He said I don’t see anything that is telling me you only have 2 month to live.

This story shook me. I got up off the couch and wrote that down. This is how so many of us live. We have all these hopes and dreams when we are young and we feel like we can accomplish it all. Some where along the way we begin to feel that our time has expired to accomplish those dreams. For some they know the very things that are burning deep with in them but feel that they have plenty of time. That their expiration date is far off. They don’t have to start pursuing them just yet. It amazes me how many of us have a longing desire to do this or that yet we are doing nothing to reach that place. We get stuck in the now. Everyday begins to be the now and we then stop looking at the future. We stop believing that we can make a difference. We stop believing that God put that burning desire in us and we begin to settle. We settle for what we are good at. We settle for what seems to be right. We settle for what will pay the bills and all the while wishing we could fulfill that burning passion from within.

When Steve and I moved to Alabama I knew it was the right move at the right time but that didn’t make it easy. We left all of our family and friends. We left our church and our life to start anew. At first it was exciting as all new adventures are but then reality began to set in. I missed my family and friends so bad that there were moments I wanted to run home. Steve travels a lot so that left life with the kids on my shoulders. It wasn’t bad until I found out 3 months into this new adventure that I was pregnant with twins. I was so unbelievable sick for the entire pregnancy and started contracting at 15 weeks so I was on the bed or the couch getting bigger by the day for months. During this season I had a lot of time on my hands. I realized that life was passing us by at an excelerated speed. We have been involved in some amazing ministries and I know many lives have been touched but I knew inside of me that there was more. I knew that the things that God spoke to me years and years ago were bubbling at the surface. It took until now for me to begin to believe in the bigger picture. I now have 4 kids and a husband that travels often and I am seeing the clear picture. We (Steve & I) are finally on the same page moving together in the right direction and excited about the future. We are trusting God and slowing down so we can hear clearly the direction of the Lord.

All of this to say I have no expiration date on me and either do you. The plans that God has for you have never changed. You may have changed your mind or your direction to fit your life plan for the now but God is holding the dreams and passions He has put in you in the palms of His hands waiting for you to step back and believe. Rachel in the bible could not bear children yet this was a burning desire that she carried and it did come to pass when her womb should have “expired”! God doesn’t work within our time frame but that doesn’t mean that time has passed you by. Don’t give up on the things that are burning with in you. Hold fast to the promises of God and wait on Him. Sometimes it takes us slowing down to see the plan so plainly laid out in our pathway.

Wife swap anyone???

13 02 2010

Okay so I have to admit I love the show wife swap. It comes on in the afternoon here and once in a while I get to watch it. I know what your thinking, It’s such a waste of time. Yes, yes it is but some how i find comfort in knowing I am not that crazy. When I watch all these families it makes me realize just how different we all do things in our home. I usually laugh at all of it and think what crazy person would go on television and expose all there stuff to the whole world. Well this morning I seriously thought perhaps I should go on it. It was when Steve said, “well I do believe that the house work falls under your job criteria since you are the one that stays home!” I have to say that did not make me a happy little bird this morning. I know I stay home and yes the majority of the house is my responsibility but a little help never hurts. Not to say he doesn’t help. He does and i appreciate it very much but what I would give for him to see just how much work it takes to run the whole darn thing!!!! Okay so this I guess is my Saturday soapbox. I just let my mind drift for a moment to wife swap and all that he would learn. On the flip side I would have to go to someone else’s house and do all of this for them. Reality check NO THANKS!! i think I will keep my life the way it is and pray that God helps me to figure out the perfect balance of all of this and maybe He can even give Steve a little nudge with spontaneous helping

Never say Never

9 02 2010

I was reading a book today and came across this statement, “Genetic categorization diminishes the personal empowerment that is necessary for success.” This may seem like a whole lot of nothing to some of you but I would like to shade a little light on this for our general lives. When we begin to put people in certain roles whether it be in our minds or spoken directly to a person we have put them in box so to speak. When you continue to say that your child is just not a strong reader in front of them, and even when they aren’t around, they will begin to believe this. They most likely will fall into the trap that they can only rise to this low expectation and will not push beyond it because they have been conditioned to believe this is all they can do.

I want to say to all that will listen be careful not to do this to the people around you. When you profile a person it can be detrimental to their future. What they see on paper can keep them from fulfilling their true potential and it can put you in a position of judgement and false expectations of failure. It is so important for us as Christians to push people beyond the normal realm of situations to the extraordinary to miracles of the impossible with God. When we continue to try and find the flaws in people so we know what we are working with we stump our and their growth potential.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this is all you are good at or you are going to be this type of person because thats what the papers say. You rise above expectations and push yourself and others to be the best they can be. No more holding people to a certain criteria because this is how the results came or this is what you perceive. You could be the one holding blessings back in your own life because of the constant judgement of others. Learn to love and let go. Learn to never say never because you never know what is lurking around the corner in your own life. Learn to see people the way God sees them and then you won’t pass these ridicules judgement on people. Learn to simple love the way Christ did and he does the rest. Never, Never, Never set someone or yourself up for failure by saying this is all that I can do or this is how I was raised, or this is my family and thats how we do things. We are not held back by our own past failures or our families. Don’t miss the greatest blessings in your life PEOPLE! Simply because of judgement.

Life Coach 101

8 02 2010

I was talking to a very special person in my life today. She is stressed out and frustrated by her own situation. She feels like she says the same thing over and over to me and yet nothing has changed. I encouraged her to take a walk and talk to God. She said she doesn’t feel He will listen because she questions so many things. “He will listen and He cares deeply about you” I said. She like many of us desires some changes in her life. She feels stumped. How is change going to come and what changes should she make. In some ways the fear of failure may be the driving force behind the lack of change for her. I encouraged her to journal her feelings, dreams, failures, frustrations and accomplishments. I also encouraged her to pray and ask for guidance and then right down what should would like the future to hold and steps on how to get there.

How many of us watch the show the biggest loser??? As we watch Jillian Michael’s whip people into shape we are all in awe of her amazing physic. Secretly or not so secretly we are wishing we could be on that show so that we too can reach our fitness goals. Just for a couple minutes let’s think about that. If you could just focus on you for say 8 full weeks. That is mornings, afternoons and evenings. Not having any real life responsibilities. No cooking dinners, driving kids here and there, doing laundry or any household chores. Having someone tell you exactly what to do to achieve your desired goals. Even cooking your meals for you! O that would be the life!! You probably would feel you could get where you want to go! The facts are we can no longer sit on the couch watching the biggest loser eating our bag of potato chips drinking our “DIET” soda and expect that to happen. We need to establish what our goals are. The big one first. What is it that you want to accomplish. Say it is to get your house in order. Could you imagine if someone would just show up and take you step by step on how to organize all your junk and pay for all the products that are needed to do such a thing!!! How wonderful life would be! Snap out of it. It is not gonna happen. So you take it step by step. The big goal is the whole house so the small goal is room to room. you work diligently day by day and with in a short time you have just accomplished a big goal. Think about a marathon runner. They don’t just wake up and say okay today I am going to run 26 miles. They have to condition their bodies to do this. they have to learn to eat right and breath right and they have to get out and run to build endurance. This is much like life. We have to set the goals and then condition our lives to meet the goals we have set in place. Only you ultimately can change the course of your life. I want to encourage everyone today to set the course. Make the goals plain and run with endurance this race we call life.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (The Message)

all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You’re after one that’s gold eternally.26-27I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line. I’m giving it everything I’ve got. No sloppy living for me! I’m staying alert and in top condition. I’m not going to get caught napping, telling everyone else all about it and then missing out myself.

I can’t be the only one

4 02 2010

When I started this blog I wanted it to be real, NO FLUFF, so here it goes. I have been dealing with diarrhea and vomit since saturday and I am at my wits end. If I have to clean up anymore of either of these two thing I think I am going to loss my mind. On top of the kids having the stomach bug I had it also and Steve was gone. So all of it fell on me. Yesterday was a pretty rough day. All day long they screamed and fussed throwing themselves around on the floor and following me wherever I went! I wanted to run away so bad but that would be child neglect! I texted Steve that I wanted to run away and he said, ” put the babies in the stroller and go for a walk.” I wanted to scream through text!!! You don’t get it I want to run away from them not take them with me!!!!!! I finally got the babies fed, bathed and to bed before Steve got home (he was late!). I thought okay if I can just breath for a little bit, sit and watch a show, read a book I am gonna be okay. Well then it started all over again. Grace crying in her crib!!! I went to get her and as I am walking into the living room she vomits all over me and then proceeds to spit it all in my face. You know the thoughts and words that were going through my mind at that moment!!! And i did spend time in my word and pray so that is not the problem!!!! Finally she stopped throwing up and went to sleep. She woke up at 5 a.m. screaming and then again at 7. She then head-budded Steve in the mouth and grabbed the skin on my neck and wouldn’t let go. So this is gonna be another wonderful day. If you think of us today please pray. This twin thing is no stink-in joke. It was so easy and sweet until a couple of months ago but not anymore. I know, I know I stay home so stop complaining, well all I can say to that is I would kill for a quiet coffee break!!!

P.S. i can’t be the only mom that feels this way right?????